Sunday, May 29, 2016

In Utah

I don't have much to say this time. I did end up buying the Honda CR-V. I gave in when the same dealership got a car delivered that evening which was in the color I want and the specs I want. I could not resist. I still feel guilty for spending that much money on a car, but I love it! I love the voice prompt too for calls and navigation. It is pretty cool.

I put my old car up for sale, but did not have many contact me. I am hoping that I would get more people that are interested. I guess now is not the time to sell a car since it is in the middle of the semester. I really hope I can sell it sometime soon. It is a good car and I am asking less than the normal price. Luckily I was able to get it registered and insured for a month. So, as long as I sell it within a month, I should be fine...

I enjoyed driving the new car to Utah this weekend. This is the first time I drive to Utah and not have back pains. I love that I can adjust the seat easily to avoid discomfort.

I am going to spend the night with my friend Emily and head to Rexburg tomorrow.  I stayed at a hotel last night and did not get any sleep. I am so tired. The ceiling squeaks and the people upstairs were up until 3 am or so last night, so it was very noisy.. I did however enjoy the pool and hot tub.

I met with my friend Alissa in Bountiful and had a nice lunch. I also saw a friend of mine who is a dentist and he cleaned my teeth for free. It's nice to know people like that ;-)

My students have their second exams this week. I hope they do better than they did on the first one. We will see. The semester has been going well. It has gone by fast! I can't believe it is half way over already. It feels like we just got started.

Sorry this is short, there isn't much to say. 

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