Sunday, May 8, 2016

Settling in Rexburg

This semester has been amazing. I have wonderful students who are diligent and hardworking (for the most part). It has been also a light load for me compared to last semester as I have taught the same classes before.

I have been thinking of buying a house. I looked a few houses and decided that the older ones are not worth looking at, because they look so run down. I would rather pay a bit more and get a nicer home.

I found one that I like (for the most part), but it is not in the right location...well, the neighborhood has many young families and I feel I don't belong. So, I am trying to decide if I want a house I like, or a location I like. It is a hard decision.  Here is a picture of that house:


I think I would ideally like to find a lot of land in a place that I want and build my own home...but that is too much hassle and tends to be expensive. So, we will see what happens. I am not even sure the bank will give me a loan. They said they will check on whether or not they will give loans to non-US citizens.

I am not too happy about where I live because my apartment does not get any sun and it is dark all the time. I would also love to have a garden because I am so sick of eating vegetables that don't taste good.  I even tried to buy some tomato plants as an experiment and am going to see if they will live on my balcony with no sun.  

The land and nature have been very important to me growing up. My cousin and I played outside all day every day. We discovered new plants and insects and felt so good when we were outside.  I miss that a lot. I know that Idaho does not provide much opportunity for being outside due to the cold weather most of the year, but even have a few months to enjoy the outdoors is good.  

My friend gave me these pretty flowers for my birthday. I think they will die soon though because they need 6 hours of sun! Ya, I can't provide that while living in this apartment! But, i will enjoy them while they last...

 The weather has been so nice. I love the spring here where everything is so beautiful. I was so sick of seeing bare trees on campus, it is much nicer now... Next to the Ricks building where I work:

 I will try and take time to enjoy the outside beauty while it lasts.

Happy Mother's day for all of you who celebrate that today. I have not posted anything because in my culture we celebrate Mother's day on the first day of Spring, March 21st. I miss my mother and all these talks about mothers today made me very homesick.

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