Sunday, June 19, 2016


Before I begin, I want you all to know that I will probably make an offer on a house this week. It is exciting to finally have a place to call my own. I hope all goes well and I am able to get it. It's in a great location and I fell in love with the design and how bright it is inside.  Here is a picture of the outside of the house...

Last week we went to Yellowstone. I wanted to share some pictures from our trip. I will post some pictures on Facebook and some pictures here.

The trip was amazing! Thanks to Susan and Danae who acted as my tour guides and showed me everything. 

We saw quite a few animals. We were stuck in a traffic jam caused by a herd of buffalo crossing the road. We ran into some Elk crossing the road as well...We saw a lot of dear, antelopes, ducks and swans...Sadly we did not see a bear, or should I say luckily.

The waterfalls were amazing and we didn't stop at every one, but those we saw were great.

So, the hot water that comes out of the ground is pretty fascinating. 
It is at very high temperature which causes the beautiful coloring in the rock. orange means it is super hot...Just a couple of weeks ago a person fell into one of these and died. That is why we can't even get close to the water or touch it. The ground is fragile and you could literally fall in and boil to death.

This lake is shaped like a hand. This whole area you see is called the thumb (because it is just the thumb of the hand). It is huge...
They say that fishermen would fish out of this lake then drop the fish into the boiling water coming out of the ground (that hole there) and cook the fish and eat it. 

 We also went and saw some Geysers. We waited for the Old Faithful one to erupt (and it does that every 90 minutes or so). It is cool that you just sit there and watch and all of a sudden hot boiling water shoots out of the ground. Nature is pretty spectacular. Maybe because it was a cloudy day, you can't tell, but what the below picture shows is steam and boiling water coming out.

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