Sunday, July 31, 2016

Finally moved in--then left.

I don't have much to say...I have been unpacking boxes and cleaning all week. At the end of each day I would stop when I no longer can move. I have also had little food at home because I knew I would be leaving to go to Chicago this week and I didn't want to go shopping. So, I ate out a lot, or ate whatever I had left in my fridge. My fridge started looking pretty sad towards the end. On Friday I had only olives left in there, so I had to go out to eat for every meal.

The worst part was going down to the basement and discovering all the bugs by each of the windows. One window had a colony of spiders, one window had a colony of cockroaches, and one had a colony of earwigs. Apparently the bug spray I got does not work, because it didn't kill them. Luckily the bugs were outside the house, not inside, but I still worry they may get in. I may have to have someone come and spray. Found a dead bird and a dead bat by the windows which may explain all the bugs (?) I ran to the shower after I cleaned down there as I felt all the bugs were crawling on me...yuk!

I am mostly done with cleaning, there was so much dust in there! and now it feels more like a house. I still need to do a couple of things in the house, but now I really like everything about it except the shower which is too small. But, it is ok I guess...I may end up taking a lot of baths in my Jacuzzi instead of showers...

I am also sad because the couches I got don't seem as comfortable as they were in the store. I think I just need to sit on them a while before they get softer...They were so amazing at the store...They were also too big for my space...But, I am not returning them. Hopefully they will get better with time.

I am currently in Chicago at the ASA conference. It has been really fun so far. I didn't think it would be, but my colleagues are fun to be around and we are making the most of it. We had amazing Japanese food yesterday and tomorrow we will take the architecture boat tour. The view from the hotel is amazing, it is right by the river and lake.
I am going to include some pictures of my new house below. Then put some pictures form Chicago. 

   It is interesting to walk down the streets of Chicago. I guess I got used to the safe small town of Rexburg. There are so many people here that are drunk, homeless, or doing drugs on the streets. I'm glad I have 3 guys (from the Math department) to protect me, otherwise I would never feel safe walking in those streets. Really scary. 

I am including some pictures of Chicago below. I will share more later (or next week).

They have this huge silver bean...You can see the reflections in it.

this picture is inside the bean... and the little dots are reflections of people who are under the bean...strange I know.

 View from the hotel-Sheraton. Somehow good hotels aren't as good in big cities, but at least it is a good location, good view and free since the university is paying for it!

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