Sunday, July 24, 2016


I moved out of my apartment on Saturday. I packed all day on Friday and did some cleaning in between. I was so tired at the end of the day. As I looked at my stuff and the 20 boxes I had, I wondered how we would move them.

The owner of the house said I can move my stuff into the garage of my new house. I will sign all the documents on Monday and then I can move everything out of the garage and into the house. 

On Saturday people from church came to help me move. I was amazed at how many showed up and how they had trailers and trucks and all my stuff fit in there perfectly.  I thought moving my stuff would take hours, but it literally took less than one hour to load them and move them to the new place and unload them into the garage.  They were even telling me to not carry stuff but just supervise. I am so blessed with a church that can step in when we need help and dedicated members and friends.

My visiting teachers also came last week and brought me many meals. They said that they know I will be packing and won't be able to cook and prepare anything. They were right, after I packed all my kitchen stuff, I could not eat anything because I didn't know where anything was. Those meals were heaven sent. I am still eating them! 

My new ward said they would come help me move my things from the garage into the house. I think unpacking will be more fun than packing because it will be great to finally have my own place and organize it how I want it.  

So, now I have moved my stuff out of my apartment. All my things are in the garage and I am homeless for two days. My friend Danae is letting me stay in her house for which I am grateful. At least I can keep my fridge and freezer stuff from spoiling and have a bed to sleep on. Sadly, I keep thinking of things that I need that I didn't keep with me. They are no where to be found and as I go to the garage to try and find them I get overwhelmed and end up leaving. I can't wait to have everything put away and feel settled.
I am doing the final proof of my book and am going to send it to Deseret Book this week. I am so excited because Sister Sheri Dew said she would be willing to read it and consider it. My friends Camille and Amanda have been amazing in helping me edit it and polish it.  I really hope that we can move forward with this book as I feel the world needs it (especially now).

I am not sure why people are becoming more racist. It seems as time goes by, humans become more and more separated from one another. We all came from one family, we are brothers and sisters. But, it seems that each of us is going a different way. We started by having less love for one another, and now that has turned into pure hate. We blame each other for things we create, we judge, cheat, lie, and allow hate to build in our hearts. My brother, Walid, was telling me about the companies he works with and how they don't pay him the money they owe. They lie and make deals just to get out of paying.  

The world has gone so far from the path of righteousness, that it may be at a path of no return.  
I hope that each of us "will choose the harder right rather than the easier wrong," as president Monson says. I hope we will continue to love, to serve, to be honest even if we do it alone.

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