Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Roller Coaster Ride of Life

We have about one more week of classes left. It has been a good semester, but really long. The reason is, we had no break between Winter and Spring Semester, so it seems like I have been teaching forever. I am tired! 

I am going to be closing on my new house on the 22nd if all goes well. So, I will be moving all day on the 23rd and maybe the rest of July. I am not looking forward to packing and moving, but I am excited to be in my own place...Yay.  

My uncle Sami died a few days ago. He followed his sister (my aunt Amal) who died only weeks earlier. My uncle suffered a stroke years ago and the doctors told us he would not live more than weeks. Because of the gentle care of his wife, Faina, he has outlived all odds. He could not walk or talk often, so I think he is in a much better place now... free of physical pain and restrictions. 

My mom now started to worry more about her health after losing 2 of her siblings in less than one month. The pains she has had in her side and chest are getting worse and she has finally decided to get some medical exams done. We will see what the tests reveal.  I am sure her late siblings want her to be with them, but I know my mom is not ready to go. She needs to live a few more least until I can visit her.

At the end of this month I am going to Chicago for a statistics conference and then in August my brothers and I are going to meet in Las Vegas. I am not sure if I should be happy about this or not, as I don't like Vegas. But, for them it is a cheap place to fly to and so we are meeting there. They do like to gamble and I probably will be spending a lot of time relaxing in the hotel, or going on some roller coaster rides. 
 For the past weeks and months I have been bracing myself. I feel like I am on a roller coaster that is about to reach the top and then drop down.

(I actually have been on this specific roller coaster shown in the above picture)

This feeling I have results from some of the challenges that I have seen in my life. I always seemed to have something bad happen (almost every week). Every time there would be a good thing, it was always followed by a trial or hardship.  Don't get me wrong, I did have a good life, but it was not a life free of trials.  

I have had streaks of good luck recently...Actually ever since Feb 2015, nothing 'bad' has happened to me personally. I lost some loved ones, but my life has been going in the right direction. I have received one blessing after the other.

That should make me happy, and it does, but I can't help but worry. I really feel that disaster has to be at the door and something bad has to happen soon. War, occupation, checkpoints, gun shots, ... something. I keep wondering what that thing is and if I will be ready for it...

I guess for now, all I could do is thank Heavenly Father every day for a life free of trials, for the freedom I enjoy in this country and for a loving family and a good job. The view is surely spectacular from up here...But the drop will also be fun I am sure. It is scary and hard at first, but a roller coaster would not be a good roller coaster if there were no drops. And each drop never last more than seconds as you compare them to the whole ride. Life is good and enjoyable, it's up hills and down hills, it's rushes and all. I hope we can all enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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