Sunday, July 17, 2016

Packing and stuff

One more day of classes and the semester will be over. Spring is so beautiful here, but this is not a good time to be teaching. Students are not motivated because they want to be outside playing. Teachers are not motivated because they have been going non-stop since January. I am tired!

I have had great students this semester (other than the lack of motivation for some). I loved them and enjoyed teaching them. 
Last week one of my old students left a thank-you card under my door, another one of my students gave me a cute plant, and yet another gave me cookies.

 I think they know I would need those. Because on Friday, the person who was going to buy my apartment contract backed out the last minute. I freaked out because I was one week from moving out and if I don't find anyone I would have to pay $2000 to get out of my contract. I got stressed and worried I would not be able to find anyone. The apartment complex also said I can't leave the apartment empty (so even if I pay the money, I am not allowed to check out).

I re-posted my ad and waited, then all of a sudden got so many people that were interested. Luckily I sold it to one of my best students from a couple of semesters ago. This happened within hours of me re-posting the ad.  I am glad William and his new wife will be living in my apartment. 

I also sold my couches and table that same day. So, even though Friday started out being a bad day, in the end everything worked out. 

Everything is good with the house as well...I will move in on Friday. I am excited but overwhelmed, now especially after I started packing. I am not sure how someone could have this much stuff after being in Idaho only one year! I have way too may boxes and I am not sure how I will get them to my new place. Some people from church said they would come and help on Saturday, but I am wondering if I should have rented a U-Hall truck because I will need like 20 car/pickup loads. I guess we will see.

 And the above still does not include the kitchen, my room and clothes and bedding. 

My mom did a CT scan the other day and we were worried that she had something serious because she has been having some pains..It turns out she is fine and doing well. I am so grateful for that.

I am sad to watch the news about all the problems everywhere in the world. I was shocked at the news about Turkey and worried about those I love who live in that beautiful country. Iraq, Syria, France, Turkey, Yemen, Afghanistan and countless other countries have suffered loss. I hope we all can pray for peace and for strength for those suffering. Let us all be grateful for the safety we live in...

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  1. Blessings to you on your move. We moved 2 weeks ago, and 18 months of stuff, but had to give most of it away, as we only had our little car to move stuff with. But we are doing well. I know someone will help you to move all that stuff. I'll be praying for you. Love You.