Sunday, August 7, 2016


I am going to post some pictures here and details about my trip to Chicago to attend the ASA conference. It was such a fun trip.
The first time I went to Chicago it was the middle of winter and it was freezing cold, there is a reason they call it wind city because that cold wind hitting my face was the worst I have seen.

This trip however, the weather was perfect. It got a little hot right before we left, but for the most part it was perfect. 

It was a great experience to go to the ASA conference, never seen this many statisticians in one place! I must say however, statistics never excited me. Funny because I have a PhD in it.  But, my PhD was in mathematical statistics.  So, the mathematical part of statistics is great, yes. But, not too fond of the applied. I went to the sessions that involved mathematical statistics or teaching and it was useful. 

We did a lot of fun things while there. We took the architecture boat tour down the river where they told you about some of the buildings in downtown Chicago. It was strange for me coming from Rexburg where I felt safe walking down the street and then coming to Chicago down town were there were so many people that were homeless and drunk and doing drugs on the street. I am glad I had 3 guys from work with me as we walked in the streets. I would not dare go anywhere alone. 

Here are some pictures from the boat tour:

Here is the view from the hotel, amazing!

The guys talked me into eating pizza one day, but for the most part I avoided eating food that could be found in Rexburg. They said the Chicago deep dish pizza is different. They were right, it was. But, still nothing too exciting about pizza. 

We went to china town and had amazing Chinese food!!

And to go exotic, we went to a Cuban restaurant. It was really good as well...

We also went to a Japanese restaurant...the best Japanese food I have ever had! And we also went to an Armenian (Middle Eastern) restaurant. That was also really good, their Knafa was great.

On the last day we went up to Sears/Willis tower, the highest building in the US. It was great to see those amazing views. 

With my colleagues from work at sears tower:

They have a glass ledge that you can step on and look down from 100+ stories high, even I hesitated to step on it. It was strange. 

 We also went to the art museum. I am not a fan of art...but they had some interesting things. Like the tooth of John the Baptist...

And they had these miniature rooms, I put my hand there so you can see how small they are. They look so real though. All the chairs, book cases and everything looks like a real room, just small.

I got back home on Thursday and have been busy trying to finish up the projects in my house before I leave on Monday to go down to Las Vegas. I had someone come and paint the kitchen cabinets and then had someone put handles on all of them. It is such a big transformation to my kitchen and bathrooms. They look so much better! I even had two left over handles that I put on myself. I was so proud of myself as they didn't end up being crooked or in the wrong position.
Here is my new kitchen:

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