Sunday, September 11, 2016

A week of meetings

We had so many meetings this week. We start classes tomorrow. The good part of this past week is that we got fed throughout the day. Some days we were given breakfast, lunch AND dinner. It was great food and I often ate until I felt I would burst. I am grateful to be working at BYU-I, they treat their employees very well ;-)

We had a picnic at Rigby lake for the Math department and that was a lot of was nice to get to know the new faculty better and visit with everyone. 

I finished setting up my classes. Many are having a hard time with I-Learn 3.0 (the new system BYU-I is using), but I think I have used it enough to feel comfortable with it this semester. However, it did take me a lot of time to set up my classes this time. Hopefully, that means next semester will be easier because I am teaching the same classes. 

My nephew just got engaged and I feel bad I missed the engagement. I am also probably going to miss his wedding (unless I could find an American husband in the next few months which is unlikely at this point). I do miss my country and my family very much and hope that I will be able to go home to visit soon.

I have discovered Farmer's Market. I think I should have asked sooner about it...I don't know where it has been all my life in Rexburg. I honestly don't remember the last time I had a real tomato. Ok, I take that back, I do remember, it was in 2001 and I had planted some tomato plants in Provo. The time before that must have been ...umm...when I was a teenager. Because I think even those in Palestine started using other methods to grow fruits and vegetables and things just don't taste right anymore. It was great to have good fruit and vegetables for a change. Hopefully next year I will plant my own.

Today is September 11th. I have seen many videos remembering what happened in the US on this day. It was so sad to watch the fear and sadness in people's eyes during that day. I still feel guilty because I went to teach at BYU that day before I listened to the news and got to class and had no idea what had just happened. I thought that my students must have felt I was heartless because I said nothing about it at the beginning of class. 

I feel that day marked the collapse of a lot of things (way more than the twin towers)...things went down hill from then on. Sometimes I think the world needs more charity and forgiveness. Yet it seems to not exist anywhere. No one can forget the bad things that happen, but I hope we all can learn to forgive and love one another so that we can avoid more pain.

I went to Idaho Falls yesterday to avoid the madness in Rexburg. It is really hard to go shopping in Rexburg during the first few days of the semester when the students are arriving and trying to buy supplies and groceries. Hopefully it will calm down next weekend.
I stopped by the river and enjoyed this beautiful weather that won't last much longer. It is already going down to the 40's early in the morning and down to freezing at night. 

I got called as Gospel Doctrine Teacher at church. I am excited as I love teaching and I think I will enjoy it. It will be a lot of work though as everyone in church probably knows the scriptures better than me.  We will see how it will go.


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