Sunday, September 4, 2016

Camping and Relaxing before the Semester Starts

I don't feel ready to go back to work, yet we start in 2 days. I feel I should have enjoyed my summer more, but I spent a lot of it preparing for my classes and moving into my new house. 

I have also spent some time trying to make my lawn better. I increased the water and put fertilizer, but nothing has helped so far. I am going to try something else, then just give up and hope the snow kills the weeds when it comes ;-)

I went camping with Danae again last week. It was very relaxing and I didn't want to leave, but I really feel I am not prepared for this semester and wanted to spend some time preparing and getting emotionally ready for classes to start. 

We stayed in the forest and sadly the water reservoir was mostly dry so we didn't get to play much in the water. The place was empty so it was very quiet and peaceful. Sometimes we feel to appreciate the beauties around us. I hope we all can take time from our busy life to sit and relax and enjoy nature. To not think, but simply listen to the sound of the winds move the trees. I think that was the second most relaxing sound I ever heard. The first being the sound of water (waves in particular). I have always felt the sound of the waves to be relaxing.  But, second to that is the sound of wind moving trees.

This is near the spring where water just comes out of the ground and supplies this river. It was so clean and clear...and cold!

 And the big fish that refused to eat fish food! They must be exceedingly full!

We started a fire and roasted stuff on the coals. I didn't think the potatoes would cook that fast...and the corn tasted heavenly!
So, this magnificent meal was cooked in the outdoors...yum.

We saw some wild life. This mother moose and her baby were on the side of the road. Then they crossed the road in front of us.

We also saw some dear and I saw a fox or Coyote (can't tell them apart), but most likely a fox cross the road in front of me on the way back home.

These are at Harriman state park..reminded me of Mazin and his museum so I took pictures.

Silver Lake


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  1. WOW!!
    Really enjoy reading your words and too, I am also a lover of the great outdoors for the very same reason you have expressed. Wish I were younger and able to visit with you.