Sunday, September 18, 2016


No, I didn't fall...Fall Season started though. It has been a little cooler lately especially the first day of classes last week. The leaves are starting to change colors. I remember my friend Emily saying that while living in Palestine, Fall was the one season she missed. Because back home we don't get much of that. It is green one day then it gets hot and everything becomes brown almost overnight. We also don't have many trees there, and the trees we have are mostly olive trees which are green year round. It surely is nice to see the vibrant colors of fall...

I have had a crazy week. The first week is often crazy because I have students on the waiting lists trying to get into the class...We had 400 students on the waiting list for Math 108 this semester. I wish we could accommodate more students, but our classes are super full. 

I love my students this semester...but I can tell that a lot of them don't have the needed math background to succeed and they will struggle this semester. It is sad...

This is going to be a busy semester it seems even though I am only teaching one new class and the other two classes I have taught before. But, I have two daily classes which makes it hard because you need to prepare for class every day. 

I am also starting to get talks for conference to translate. They are a bit late this year it seems. So, I am worried that we will get them all at the end and not have time to do them. I will be down in Utah for the Women's session, but not for general conference. I simply can't go down two weekends in a row!

We went to StringLake and hiked around the lake yesterday. We walked 4 miles and towards the end I could not walk anymore. 

It was such a beautiful day and the fall colors are starting to show. The Teton mountains were amazing. 



We saw a few animals. Some Elk which I heard bugling for the first time. It was interesting to see the females run towards the sound of the male bugling as soon as they heard it.  
We also saw a mother moose and her baby drinking from the river and a deer. Sadly, we still didn't see a bear! Or maybe luckily I should say because we didn't really want to run into a bear in the forest. That would not be good.

 I put up a fence in the back yard. It was super expensive, but it feels more private now in the back. Sadly winter is here and I won't get to enjoy it much longer. Next summer I'll buy a grill and enjoy the outdoors more. I also am going to plant at least some tomato plants because I just adore the tomatoes I got from the farmer's market. 

I still need to buy a lawn mower and a snow blower...but after I do those hopefully I won't have any major expenses. I have spent so much money on the house and getting it to where I want it to be. I would like to be done with spending money and try to save some for a change!

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