Sunday, October 16, 2016

Ask and ye shall receive

My thoughts today are about prayer. We often pray and wonder why God is silent and would not answer us. Why He would not take away our hardships or pain...If you feel this way, then this post is for you.

I listened to a talk the other day that clarified this to me. The speaker spoke of his daughter. He said, one day when they were putting her to bed at bedtime she refused to go to bed. Even though her parents knew that her body needed sleep she did not see that. She started with certain demands, I want some water, some milk or cookies. Then other strange demands, like "I want grandma". After the demands increased, her father stopped answering her because her demands were unreasonable.

The speaker said that our Heavenly Father is the same. If our demands are strange, or if we are asking for things we want (not need) then he stops answering. 

I have had all my prayers answered. Sometimes the answer to my prayer was no. An example to that is the time that I prayed for my brother-in-law, Hazim, to be cured from cancer. I was told Hazim's death would bring blessings to my sister and her family. And even though it was hard to see how that is possible, I trusted my all-knowing Father in Heaven then. 

Sometimes the answers came months when I prayed to find a job after returning home from my mission. Heavenly Father knew where He wanted me and knew when the job would be open up and so I didn't find any other job until this one at BYU-I became available. As I prayed month after month and struggled financially I sometimes thought He was not listening. But, He was. He always listens!

Too often we kneel down and pray for our trial to be removed, and often we get discouraged when it doesn't. Isn't that what we signed up for? We knew life would be hard. Isn't that what we chose to come to earth for? We will learn and grow from our trials and become more like our Father in Heaven. Don't we all want that? Don't we want to be refined and perfected and stand spotless before Him. If so, let us not try to move the mountains from our path. Let us have the courage and faith to climb our mountains, walk our dusty, rocky roads and keep our eyes fixed on our Savior Jesus Christ. 

The Savior said: "Take my yoke upon you...for my yoke is easy and my burden is light." As we take His yoke and allow Him to walk by us sharing our burden, we will be strengthened and helped as we walk this hard path.  No, it won't be smooth full of flowers, it won't be easy, but we will make it.

Elder Holland said: 

“Jesus has chosen, even in a resurrected, otherwise perfected body, to retain for the benefit of His disciples the wounds in His hands and in His feet and in His side-signs, if you will, that painful things happen even to the pure and the perfect; signs, if you will, that pain in this world is not evidence that God doesn't love you; signs, if you will, that problems pass and happiness can be ours.”

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