Sunday, October 2, 2016


I was thinking of writing something profound, but it is getting late and I have to go cook.  I will do better next week.

I have had an insanely busy week (I seem to be saying that more and more). At the end of this week I had 25 group exams, 100 quizzes and 100 exams to grade. I don't know what I was thinking having both my exams close on the same day and also giving my students quizzes.

After grading I realized that one of my classes did exceedingly well and the other one failed. I thought the opposite would happen as the other class seemed weaker. I guess I need to give more effort to help the other section.

I just finished watching general conference. I watched one session with my friend Danae who invited me over for breakfast and made the best pumpkin pancakes. (Thanks Danae) 
I translated some of the talks for conference and even was doing revisions on Sister Reeves' talk early this morning. I realized that some of the best talks for me were the ones I translated. Because you get to really think about the talk and then when you hear the speaker, it gives the talk such power. There was a quote in Sister Reeves' talk that I loved and it was shared twice in conference...It is by Elder Holland:

"However late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made, … or however far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ’s Atonement shines.”

It seemed like most of the talks yesterday were about repentance, getting the gospel to others and inviting others to come unto Christ.  President Nelson talked about the joy that the Gospel brings. Joy that won't go away even when you have difficulties. He said Joy is a gift from God to those who follow the Savior and keep His commandments.

I am so grateful for the joy that came into my life when I followed the Savior, Jesus Christ. I notice that when I am more obedient to His commandments I tend to be happier and have more peace in my life.

I am watching the movie 17 Miracles and looking at all the hardships the early saints have suffered. They went through so many difficulties but never lost their faith. When I see what others go through I become more and more grateful for my many blessings.

One of my students briefly told me about all her spite of all this she ended up with an A on her test. I am impressed that she could focus on school considering all the trials she is going through at home. As I hear about the lives of my students I am amazed at their faith and strength.  I am so blessed to teach here at BYU-I and glad I get to associate with such amazing faculty and students every day.

I hope that each of us will turn towards the Savior and follow Him and try to be more like Him. He is loving, merciful and kind. He stands with open arms waiting for us to come unto Him. He would especially love those that have left Him to return. If there is something in your life that is not in harmony with His teachings, I invite you to come back and partake of all the blessings He has to offer. The Savior loves you. He gave His life for you...He wants you back. He needs you!

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  1. I totally love 17 Miracles. That would make a great tradition, get everyone together and watch it on Pioneer Day.
    Kent said, we need to let someone in SLC know that we want just one more session of conference! I agree.
    My biggest take-away from the day was that we don't need to fear trials, we only need to turn to the Lord, he will get us through them. Thanks for your quotes and insights.