Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hope during Christmas

Well, it seems like Winter is here...although we are not getting as much snow as normal. I am starting to see why everyone said last winter was a mild winter. I have had to clean snow from my driveway almost every day this past week. With my snow blower, it actually is not a hard task...but seems like a useless task because the next day it snows and my driveway does not remain clean!

The roads in our subdivision don't get cleared and mostly remain snowy/icy which is not fun. It has been windy too...I really don't remember it being windy at all last winter.  The temperature these days has gone above freezing, but the last week was a bit colder (-17 Celsius or less). 

I am so glad this semester is finally coming to a close. I have managed to finish the material in each of my classes and next week we will just do a review for the final exam. 

I am dreading next week though because I am having my students do test corrections and I had them schedule times to meet with me and I am booked all day with no time to breathe or eat or rest. We will see how it goes...I don't know what I was thinking!

I finally heard back from Deseret book and they said they sent my manuscript to the editorial board...It is a step in the positive direction. Maybe they will agree to publish my book. We will see. 

The year 2016 has been an amazing year for me...I don't think the new year can top that, but I wait to be pleasantly surprised. Getting my book published will surely make it a great year as well...

We had our stake conference today. It was great...I love the goodness of the people around here. They motivate me to be better.

The Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem and Beit Sahour have been greater than ever this year. Thousands gathered up in my town for the lighting of the tree...Christmas carols were sung and fireworks were fired. 

I am amazed that the people there manage to find joy during Christmas...I guess that hope of a better life is the only thing that keeps them going. That hope that was given over 2000 years ago when a small baby was born in a stable. A babe that would give hope of a better future for all the human kind. 

When my stake president was called, he asked his 3-year old daughter what he should speak about in stake conference. She held his face in her hands and said: "Daddy, tell them about Jesus. That He lived and He died and then He lived again." As the primary children bore witness today in Stake conference, Jesus does love Gethsemane He demonstrated that love to us by willingly kneeling down and drinking the bitter cup so that  each of us can have hope of a better life.

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