Sunday, January 8, 2017

Back in Rexburg

I made it home safely to freezing Rexburg. It has finally started to warm up here...It has been in the negatives a lot! But, this week they say it will get warmer (between -10 and 0 Celsius). I guess the weather heard my complaint on Facebook and decided to be nice to me. 

I spent a couple of days in Vegas with my family. Although I vowed never to go to Vegas again, I gave in...but, now I say really never again. It was nice to see my family and spend time with them. My nephew and his wife came and we avoided Vegas and it's crazy life and went and did other things. We went to the Valley of Fire and to Hoover Dam which was fun.

Even Vegas was cold. They had 40 mile/hr wind and it just made it feel so cold! But, my family says I brought the cold with me because after I left it went up to 68 degrees and was great...
The drive back from Utah was not fun at all. There was only one lane (barely open) on the highway and we were going 40 miles an hour all the way. Actually, I was glad to be going slow to stay safe. There was an accident every 10 miles...and some of those accidents were people who were going fast and moved to the lane that was full of snow to pass all the cars going slow. I would say in my mind 'this guy is going to have an accident' and a few miles down the road I would find his car on the side of the road buried in snow. There was only one serious accident, most of the cars were just stuck in the snow and everyone was fine. They just have to wait to be rescued.

If you can take pictures while driving on the highway, you know you are going REALLLLLY slow...

Wednesday was a crazy day. I still look back and say "how did I do all that in one day?" I had two Dentist appointments. One in Kaysville, Utah and one in Idaho Falls. I went to both...I drove from Utah to Rexburg (which took almost 5-6 hours going super slow) I also worked for 4 hours on campus preparing for my classes. I did laundry, went shopping, cleaned the house, took down the Christmas decorations, got my car washed and even had time to watch TV and rest...It must have been divine help because there aren't enough hours in any day to do all that!

We started a new semester and I felt so unprepared to start. I spent all day Thursday and Friday (aside from being in class) answering emails from students. I don't know why I am getting that many emails this time! Some of them are worried about getting things right and worried about doing well int he class...I hope this extra attention and devotion continues until the end....

My snow blower stopped working yesterday so I realized it was out of gas.. I was not happy about leaving the house again and going to buy gas, but I knew it was going to snow today, so I needed it. Actually someone cleared my driveway this morning (thank you to whoever did it), but it is full of snow again.

I must say having snow on the roads is way better than ice. At least I feel I can go 10 miles an hour instead of 5 ha ha.


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