Sunday, January 22, 2017


I've been a little sick this week. It seems like everything went wrong at the same time. I got a cold, cough, my throat hurt, and then I started having nose bleeds every day for some reason. This is in addition to my dizziness that came back again. At least it is not as bad as last time and I'm only dizzy when I sleep on my right side. I gave in and saw a doctor the other day and got some antibiotics. I may see someone else for my dizziness if it does not go away.

People tell me the nose bleeds are from the cold dry weather. I got a humidifier and I am trying that, but it has not worked yet. I still get those nose bleeds every day.

I am doing better though, at least my cough isn't hurting as much and not coughing as much either.

Classes are going well so far...One of my classes seems to not be doing as well as the others. I think considering that last semester my students got high grades, I should not assume that my tests were easy. Sometimes students are different. Also explaining things one way may work for some students and not for others. So, I am having to adjust...

I decided to do an MRI of my hip just to be sure nothing is wrong. After the results come out I will stop worrying about it. Because I would have done all that I can to fix it. I am seeing a good doctor, at least I was told he was. So, we will see what happens. I seem to be having a lot of doctor's appointments. Can't wait to be done.

 Ok, so there won't be any profound message in this blog post. I am brain dead. I can't think...I'll do better next time. 
I have invited people for dinner and I am going to go cook. 
I hope you all will have a great day...remain healthy and warm.


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  1. I've posted a couple of comments on your blog. My name is Debbie and I live in salt lake city. I am so impressed by your faith and courage. You are in my prayers Sahar.