Sunday, February 26, 2017

As White As Snow

I am liking the snow today...I like it when I can sit in my warm house and watch it fall. It is so pretty...There is a certain magic about things that are that white. We don't see things that are white very often in this world.  The other day as I was shoveling my doorway, the snow was almost glowing. This is because it was windy and the snow got blown in and so it was so fluffy and clean.

I was sitting in the temple the other day and watching everyone. There was a brother who had a shirt that was not as white as I would expect. I kept looking at him, thinking that his shirt did not seem to fit in the environment he was in. Everyone's clothing was bright and very white, except his. Yet I imagine if he were to go outside of the temple, he would fit right in.. and may even seem like he was wearing a clean white shirt.

We must always compare ourselves to the Savior whose clothes and countenance is pure and clean and white. We must strive to be like Him every day, so that we can one day stand before Him purified and clean.

When we stand in front of our Savior at the last day even the smallest sin will make our countenance (not just our shirts or clothing) seem dirty.  Even something that is not brightly white will not be enough. We must be clean...Yet our Savior provides a way for us to become clean. We can repent and He will cleanse us.

The month of February is almost over...This semester has gone by fast. I feel we barely started...March is going to be a crazy month for me. The last month of the semester is usually busy, but there are other things that make this one busy. I am translating for conference, giving a talk at BYU-I (no, not a devotional yet thank Heavens), and other random things. They are painting and changing the carpet on our floor on campus, so I will be homeless (I mean officeless) for a few days in march. That would be interesting.

I have good news, Deseret Book gave an initial approval on my book. We will have a meeting this week to discuss the changes they want to make...I am hoping it is nothing major because I don't want to change a lot in it. I guess we will wait and see...I am excited that I finally get to publish my book. YAY.

I had the Andersons over for dinner today. They are heading to Utah to serve in SLC, I will miss having them here...but I seem to go to Utah often so I will probably get to see them there.

I have been feeling so old. I think my body is 90 years old. I have got to get in shape. I did a few activities yesterday and I feel so tired today. I am thinking of buying a treadmill, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on one. Any suggestions? How do you get started on getting in shape, from couch potato to a normal person? I get so tired every time I try to exercise...don't know how I will keep it up. I have to though or else I may be in an old people's home at age 50.




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