Sunday, February 12, 2017

Loving in the Savior's way

Happy Valentine's day everyone. 
It used to bother me that I was single on Valentine's day. It doesn't anymore because I think of it as a day to show love towards others. 
None of us is truly alone when we have a Heavenly Father who loves us. He loved us enough that He sent His only begotten Son for us. 

In one of the talks at church today, the speaker spoke about how olive oil is made. Although the process that was used in the Savior's time is not used anymore, it is still the same principle. I have been to the olive press with my mom many times to get our olives turned into oil. Olives are literally crushed to make oil. The remains from the olives are nothing but fine mush. Amazingly enough the oil comes out clear and clean. 

It is in that Garden of Gethsemane (the oil press) that my Savior took upon Himself my sins and yours. It is there where the load of our sins seemed too heavy for Him to carry, yet He didn't shrink. He drank the bitter cup, He stood up and carried the cross to Golgotha where He was crucified...for me...

I have often admired the Savior for His ability to see good in everything and everyone. He even saw goodness in those that crucified Him..In the woman at the well, He did not see a sinner or a Samaritan as others labeled her. He saw a great missionary who would be willing to go to her village and tell people about the Savior and bring others to Him. 

I may have shared this Valentine's message before, but I will share it again because I feel in today's world, it is needed.  As we look at the image below, we may not see the 3D image in it. When my brother Maher gave me the first 3D image, it took me 2 days to see it. But, as my eyes got trained on how to look, I can now discern what the image is in a matter of seconds.

Do you see it? Can you  see the heart in the picture? If you can't then it will take some effort on your part...You need to train your eyes.

Our eyes are human eyes. They are not as perfect as the Savior's eyes. As we look at others sometimes we must look harder in order to see the good in them. There is goodness in everyone, no matter who they are and what they have done. 

I am guilty of speaking badly about some people...For example, I spoke badly of Jim (name has been changed) many times. Jim has done bad things; lied, cheated, and abused others. He spoke badly of me to many of my friends, making up all sorts of lies about me. Yet I met 2 people recently who don't know Jim very well and maybe don't know what he has done in the past. They both told me how great Jim is, how he served them, how he has amazing faith and strength. This made me stop and think...Could they be talking about the same Jim I know? How did I not see that in him? I felt that now I was able to see Jim in new eyes. In the Savior's eyes.  The more I reviewed Jim's actions, the more I realized that he did many good things.

I hope that this Valentine's day we can show love to others. I hope we can express words of love to those that we care about.  Sometimes our method of expressing love is simple, yet it is so important to those we show it to. 

Today, I noticed that an elderly sister in our ward has not been to church in 2 weeks. When I asked about her, I found out that she has been having back pains and therefore was not able to leave her home. So, today I went to visit her...I don't know her very well. Yet she was delighted to see me. It took but a few minutes of my time, but I know it meant a lot to her.

This is how we train our eyes to notice notice when they are sick or in need or when they are simply not there...When they are down or depressed...or when they feel unworthy or lonely.  And then we must act, act as the Savior would. To lift and strengthen and bless others.

May we all be more like the Savior, the perfect one in Charity, even the God of love.


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