Sunday, March 5, 2017


I am sorry...I must say that I have issues with titles these days. Not sure what to call each maybe I should name it according to the date(?)  Or maybe call it post 1, post 31029  ha ha.

I am so glad March is here, this tells me that Spring is close and therefore summer is close. Spring here comes really late...back home Spring has already started and I can only picture in my mind the beautiful flowers and grass that fill the valleys and hills.  The beautiful lilies of the field the Savior talked about are really more beautiful than anything. God is a great creator and He made so many beautiful things around us. We just need to look...

Much of the snow here has melted...and even though the temperature is finally above freezing (YAY), it has been super windy which makes it feel cold. But, at least I can see my brown grass in my backyard.

Only one month left in this semester. I can't believe how fast the first two months have gone by.  My students have kept me busy and so that is why time seemed to fly away so fast. There are a few students I have that seem to live in my office, because they are there so often. But, they are fun to be around and I am so grateful to know such amazing students. 

I received the great news that Deseret Book will be willing to publish my book. I can't tell you how excited I am. The current title is "Peace for a Palestinian". We are doing a few edits before we give them the final draft which will then go through a lot of editing I am sure. We are expecting February of next year is when it will come out. but, I will keep everyone posted here and on Facebook. I expect to be busy that time with book signing and everything else...
So, if you need my autograph (get in line now ha ha).

My lesson in Sunday School today was about the organization of the church. My friend and I were talking about how blessed we are to belong to his church. You can go anywhere in the world and go to a church congregation and have it be run the same, have the same lesson schedule, and feel the same. 

Jesus Christ organized a church when He was here on earth; a church of apostles and prophets, a church which has the priesthood of God. Sadly, once the apostles got killed, that authority and the true church did not exist in it's fullness until the 1800's when it was restored to the earth.  I am so grateful to have a living prophet to lead and guide us today and to have apostles and leaders who have the priesthood authority given to them through the Savior himself.

There is only one way, the Savior's way, to lead and guide His church.


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