Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sooooo Blessed

I feel so much gratitude today. I feel so blessed to be alive and to have my job and my amazing family. I also feel blessed to have amazing leaders in this church who lead and guide us and who love us.

I drove to Utah this weekend to interpret for general conference. I have translated some talks that we received in advance. It is strange how translating a talk makes you really understand it...but then there is always something more that you gain by listening to the speaker...I have the privilege of working with an amazing translation team. We had such a fun time today as we worked together. I didn't do much today except interpret the prayers and random things, the others did most of the work. 

I was so happy to hear the name of my good friend Sharon Eubank being called as a counselor in the RS general presidency. I can't think of a more perfect person for the calling. Sharon just glows! Her countenance just radiates and I think she will do so much good. I don't know how she will find time for this with her demanding job as the director of LDS charities. But, somehow she will make it work.

This conference was hard because they kept showing pictures of Elder Porter and spoke about him briefly. I still can't believe he is gone. I hope I can see sister Porter next week when I am in Utah again. She is another person who I feel radiates light. I feel honored to know such amazing people. Every person I meet teaches me something and I feel I am the person I am today because of them. I know some people think it is cool to meet celebrities. For me, knowing people like Susan Porter, and Sharon Eubank and associating with the many amazing general authorities over the years has been a highlight of my life.

I met with Sheri Dew today about my book and I keep getting more and more excited about it.  My friend read the introduction of my book the other day, and she said that it is something that she needed to hear at that time and she was touched by it. This is what I hope my book would do for people...I had met Sheri Dew in the year 2000 in Jerusalem. She did not remember meeting me, as she meets so many people. 

Here is a selfie I took (I am bad at doing those) Sheri did a much better job at it, so hers turned out better I think. But, well this is better than nothing. 

As I was leaving Deseret Book, I ran into Sister Wendy Nelson (Pres. Nelson's wife). I personally don't remember ever meeting her...but she remembered meeting me!! I was shocked. We met in 2000 in Jerusalem. I mean she met me 17 years ago, and she still remembers my story of sneaking in to go to church.  She had interviewed me for the BYU Women's conference in 2000. 

The weather was simply perfect today. Temple square was so beautiful with all the flowers. I mean people were mowing their lawn in Utah and there was green grass everywhere and blooms. How can we be 4 hours away and yet be a season away. We still have winter in Idaho and it does not feel like spring in any way. Maybe it is good because that means spring will last longer if it starts later.. (umm don't know if that is really the case) 

I can't tell you how glad I am that this past week is over. I really felt this semester went by fast, but that last week just went on and on and felt sooo long. We have a few more days of classes left, but at least I finished the material and will just do a review next week. So, it will be less stressful.  But, honestly, this week was insane. I had exams to grade, I was translating for general conference, and I had students in my office like every minute of the day. To add to the stress I had 3 people visit my class to observe my teaching (3 different days)--as part of the CFS process. 

I realized what stress does to a person when I got to Utah and realized that I didn't pack my clothes. I did laundry on Thursday after work (I was still doing laundry at 10:30 pm) and I hung my clothes up and said I will put them in my bag in the morning. So, I got up and closed my bag and didn't put my clothes in. How stupid can someone be? I needed new PJs anyway, so I went to Walmart and got some...

I spent some time with my friend Emily this evening which was really nice...and when I got back to the hotel, I tried to sit in the hot tub, but it didn't go well because there were kids diving in there...It has been a great day though, it can't be more perfect. 

I look forward to more of general conference tomorrow. I honestly can't focus well when we I am going to have to go back and read all the talks or listen to them again.  

PS. I was interviewed by the BYU-I radio the other day. Here is the interview if you want to hear it:
Click here for the interview 


  1. Enjoyed reading this post and the attached interview. Is that Sabrina in the photo with you? Rae and I are looking forward to the rest of GC today. Best to you and your family.

  2. Sahar, I just found your blog today and so enjoy having a little window into your life in Idaho. You are a special friend and I am lining up to buy that book when it comes out!