Sunday, April 30, 2017


I want to thank everyone that wished me a happy birthday. I felt loved because of your sweet comments. 

I had a busy day on Saturday (my birthday). I went shopping, I learned to fix my sprinkler head (hopefully it works), cleaned the house, and worked on my book most of the day. I have to submit the final draft tomorrow (Monday) and I still feel there is a lot to do. 

I also started a garden. It still gets cold outside sometimes so for now, my garden is inside. I love how my mint is growing so fast and that my parsley is already showing...I still need to do some cucumber plants, but it went down to freezing temperatures last week and those didn't look that good. I will buy some a little later. 

  My home teacher has been so sweet in helping me take care of my lawn and garden. He is going to spray my weeds this week and hopefully my lawn will look a little better.
My friend Susan invited me to lunch and we had a great lunch at Sizzler's. Today, my friend Danae and her mom are making a cake for me.  Tomorrow, a few friends of mine are throwing me a surprise birthday party. Yes, I totally blew up the surprise, but it is still nice of them. I think they had to tell me about it because I was not planning to go. 

I taught Sunday School today and the lesson was about spiritual gifts. I felt bad because I had no time to prepare this week because I was working on my book. I briefly prepared yesterday, but we have amazing members who participate and share thoughts. So, it went well even though I was not quite prepared. I also know they felt the spirit as I showed a video about Brigham Young's conversion. I need to be a better teacher. I am trying to invite the Spirit into the classroom, but I learned today that there are many ways to improve on that regard.
Last night I went to a concert for Women of the World. I loved it! They are four women from Italy, Japan, Haiti and India who go around the world and sing. I was really impressed by what they do and how they do it. They motivate unity between people and that is needed SO much these days. They sing songs in about 31 different languages and some of them speak many languages. They help people realize that unity is possible between different cultures and religions.  

I didn't think I would feel the Spirit by hearing a Hawaiian song sung by a Buddhist, a Muslim, a Christian...They gathered everyone at the end and sang together. It was amazing. 

I wish that somehow every person who discriminates against others can see proof through these amazing women that diversity can only strengthen us. We are all sons and daughters of God regardless of culture, language, religion or skin color.  We can have a bond of friendship and be unified even if we speak differently or look differently.

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  1. I wonder what Hawaiian song they sang, Aloha Oi?