Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to those celebrating it today. Even though we don't celebrate Mother's day today (we celebrate on March 21st) I still think of my mother today and am grateful for the person she is.

Last week, I was asked to share a moment when my mother taught me something. I don't really remember mom teaching me using words. The only thing I remember her teaching me was how to read, and then she proudly would brag that her 2-year old daughter can read. 

But I remember many things that my mother taught my by example. She taught me the importance of education by her example. She would go to school in Jerusalem during the Second World War and her bus was often shot at, yet she went to school anyway. When her friend, Hayah, was killed by the Israeli army while working as a teacher along with the children she taught, my mother still aspired to be a teacher and still loved teaching. I still remember the love she had for her first graders as she would buy them all sorts of gifts to reward them when they would do well in their school-work. 

I love you Mom and miss you so much. I hope to see you next year.

Last week we went out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays. I have two friends that have birthdays close to mine and every year we go to Stockman's for dinner. It was a great meal and I ate so much I thought I would explode. We always get their cheese cake which is amazing, but this time I got Strawberry Shortcake and it was amazing too!

I was going to work in my yard this weekend, but I didn't. By the time I went shopping, did laundry and cleaned the house I had no time left. Besides, the weather is not helping. It really is not spring yet it seems. It rained so much on Saturday and today it is cloudy. So, I guess I will wait for Rexburg to decide to be warm. My garden is getting big and I don't want to leave it inside, but they keep saying the temperature will go down to freezing at nights and I don't really want the plants to freeze.  I guess I will wait!

My garden still looks horrible compared to others, but my grass is looking a little better after the weeds started to die (thank you Br. Richey).  The birds are also eating my worms, maybe I won't have so many and will have a normal lawn. We will see.


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