Sunday, May 28, 2017

Heavenly Father's Plan

This past week has gone by so slowly. I am glad the weekend finally came. 

I worked on my yard yesterday. After I pulled out a few weeds I was so tired to even move. And I still had to mow my lawn and do other things. I finally moved my plants (tomato and cucumber and mint) outside. Hopefully it won't get below freezing outside anymore. My tomato plants are so big now, I really didn't expect them to get this tall (4 feet). I just hope the tomatoes that I get will taste good, and I hope I get some before august because I may be gone in August and my plants may die while I'm gone.

The weather has been great...It was so nice to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday. 

I have been so homesick lately. I don't know why these days I especially miss my country, the people, the streets, the sea, the old houses and hills and valleys.  I hope to be able to go back to those places I love soon. I am so blessed here, I look around me and see how blessed I am. I have an amazing house that I absolutely love. I have a great job that I enjoy.  Yet, it is missing something. A family, a home...I guess we can't have everything. I am really not complaining because I really feel I have been given so much.  

My Sunday School lesson today was about the plan of Salvation. It was a great plan that Heavenly Father designed for us. As part of His plan, we would come to earth and obtain a physical body, learn and grow and become more like Him.  I watched a video about how this plan is like a 3-act play. Act 1: Premortal life, Act 2: Mortal Life, Act 3: life after death. If someone jumps in the plan in Act 2 without understanding act 1 or what has happened, life would not make sense to them.

It was like that for me. Growing up I had often wondered about why we are here on earth and where we are going. I had wondered why a loving father in heaven would allow bad things to happen. I often wondered why He does not make the pain go away, and help us find happiness. I have come to realize that trials are an essential part of His plan. Without trials we will never grow and learn, we will never be able to return to live with Him. I also realized that happiness was a choice. We can choose to be happy as we choose to follow the author of happiness, our Savior Jesus Christ.

I am grateful for my life and for the few difficult times I have had. They have made me the person I am today. Trials have built my faith and my testimony in a loving Father in Heaven and a loving Savior who suffered in the garden of Gethsemane so we won't have to.

We are beloved children of a mighty creator who loves us beyond measure. He makes all things work for our own good. Even though sometimes in order to get to the place we are meant to go, we must pass through hilly rocky roads. He leads us, guides us and even often carries us all the way to his mansions above.

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