Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring and Funerals (for lack of a better title)

It has been a good week, I can't believe I have already done exam 1 for my students. Time is flying by so fast as usual. But, that is good because that means the summer break will come fast.

I have enjoyed having a house and a garden except these past two weeks when I realized how much work it is. You have to trim bushes and weed and plant flowers, and mow the lawn. So, I got a lawn mower and have done it twice and I am is a lot of work. After doing yard work most of the day yesterday I could not move. Now every part of my body hurts...I am going to find some nice kids in the neighborhood and have them help me.  

I tried to plant some flowers and after digging for 5 minutes, the ground was so hard and the soil seemed bad...I was done...I went and bought plastic flowers from the dollar store and put them outside. You can't even tell from a distance...what's the point! 
Also, everyone's tulips seems so pretty and mine seem dead already. What am I doing wrong?

But, I am looking forward to summer. I bought a grill and I am going to have a BBQ sometime soon and make all the maza salads from home now that I have my own mint and parsley and hopefully tomatoes and cucumbers in the future.  I am missing home a lot. Hopefully some Palestinian food will make things better.

Actually, my nephew told me that the wait time for Green Card applications has gone down from 1.5 years to 3 months. I don't know if that is true...I am hoping that once we file in January it would be fast and I won't have to wait a year and a half for my application to get a turn.

We have started the process of advertising for the job. BYU-I has to prove that none of the applicants are as qualified as me. So far, we had no applicants. Which is amazing considering that we posted this ad everywhere. Newspapers, online, radio...etc. 

For the sake of my department head who has to interview each applicant within a 24 hour period, I hope we don't get many applicants.

I also have to go online each day and print the ads we posted to prove that we did post them for 30 days. I also have to get copies of the newspapers to prove that the ad was put in them. I had to drive for 2 hours today in order to buy a newspaper. And I will have to drive 2 hours next Sunday as well. I was lucky today because after searching at gas stations I found the last copy of the paper. I hope I will find one next week easily. 

I am not sure why they make this process so difficult...I'll be so glad when this is all over.

My friend's (Danae's) grandmother's sister died last week. Yesterday I went to the luncheon after the funeral. I know what you are thinking, why am I going to my friend's grandmother's sister's funeral luncheon. Well, Grace was actually in my ward, and her daughter, Pat, and I are friends.  Grace died at an age of 93 I think. She had 205 descendants. She had one great-great grandchild. I was amazed at how much posterity can come from one person. 

As I spoke to Danae's grandmother last Sunday I was amazed. She had just lost her sister that day, yet she seemed happy. She kept saying she was happy for her sister and knew that her sister was in a much better place.

One interesting thing is comparing funerals here to funerals back home.  Back home everyone is dressed in black, people are all crying and depressed. Here you come in and see a celebration of the person's life, their family and the good they did. You see color and joy because they believe in eternal families and know that death is not the end. Here is a picture of the tables and how nicely they were set up:

They asked Grace's granddaughters to come up, there is 21 of them:

Last week, Danae made a birthday cake for me and wen went over to her parents' house to celebrate. Danae, her mother, and her grandmother all gave me gifts. I feel like a member of the family...And as you see I'm even going to funerals with the family.

I have been sick the last few days. Honestly I don't ever get sick, but it seems like I have been getting sick so often recently. My throat had a bad infection in it and blisters all over. Now I have a horrible cold that I can't seem to shake off. I laughed at those who take the flu shot, but I am seriously contemplating doing that next year. I am sick of being sick...

I submitted my final manuscript of my book to Deseret Book. I keep thinking "I should have included this, I should have changed this"...but it is now too late. I hope they will make good suggestions and maybe we can improve. Laurel told me she was going to read my book while on her vacation because she was so excited about it.


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