Sunday, July 2, 2017

Freedom through our Savior, Jesus Christ

I had a good week, it was really busy though. We have almost two weeks left until the end of the semester and I am getting more and more busy as time goes by.

I went camping with Danae and her family this weekend. We went to Riverside. It was really nice and peaceful other than a few noisy neighbors.  We went on a little hike, then stopped in the middle of the hike and hung our hammocks between trees and rested before we continued. Other than the bugs that were attacking us, it was really fun. We even scared the horses on the trail because they have never seen a hammock before. The wild flowers, lake and river were simply so beautiful.

I did sit in the hammock and grade my exam papers for a little while, but it was still good. I'd be so happy to work in such a place anytime.

We played games, built a fire at night and just enjoyed relaxing in nature.

 I love to put my feet in the river. It is really too cold, but so refreshing!

 The largest mushroom I have ever seen:

I bore my testimony at church today and said that I am grateful to be in a free country.  Living under occupation all my life, I see the difference. I hope that every American appreciates living in a place where they can travel freely and where their human rights can be preserved.  Everyone tells me why I am so anxious to obtain my US citizenship and I say that it is to experience freedom even to a some extent. I know that even as an American citizen born in Palestine I will still be treated differently, but I am willing to wait and go through all the messy process of obtaining a green card just so that I can get a taste of freedom.

I was reading in 2 Nephi 9 today. That is my favorite chapter because of the contrast in it between the Savior and Satan, between Heavenly Father's plan and Satan's plan... between Joy and misery, Peace and turmoil, light and darkness.

Satan takes away our freedom, he captivates us and binds us. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered so that we can be delivered from death, from misery, and from darkness. When we follow the Savior, we are free for He set us free from sin through His atonement.  How grateful I am for Him and for His love. Living without freedom all my life, I have come to appreciate more the freedoms and peace our Savior provides us with.  His gospel and His path is always the path that will provide us with freedom, peace, light and eternal life.

Verses 19-22
 O the greatness of the mercy of our God, the Holy One of Israel! For he delivereth his saints from that awful monster the devil, and death, and hell, and that lake of fire and brimstone, which is endless torment.
And he cometh into the world that he may save all men if they will hearken unto his voice; for behold, he suffereth the pains of all men, yea, the pains of every living creature, both men, women, and children, who belong to the family of Adam.
And he suffereth this that the resurrection might pass upon all men, that all might stand before him at the great and judgment day.


  1. Thank you Sahar for the reminder of how dear our freedom is and also the true freedom that comes through the Lord Jesus Christ. We have 6 wks left in India. We love the Saints and have learned alot but I am aching to go to the temple! Love your posts! Love Sister Mickey Adams India New Delhi Mission

    1. Thank you Sister Adams. I can't believe it is time for you to return already!