Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Semester is Over...YAY

I don't have something profound to say this week. It has been the longest week of the semester. I am so glad it is over. 
We have final exams on Monday and Tuesday and then we will be done. 
I am going to teach a new class in the fall, so I need to spend quite a bit of time preparing for it and building homeworks and quizzes and exams. I will be traveling during the 6-week break, but only briefly.

I had amazing students this semester, but sadly many of them are not doing well in the classes. I say they are amazing because I feel they try so hard. I had a student who came to my office almost every day and asked questions. Then at the end of the semester gave me these yummy coconut treats. If you never had those before you must try them. They are so good!

 My garden is not doing so great. I was hoping I would eat something from it before I went traveling this summer. I am worried it will die while I am gone. I did buy an auto watering system, but not quite sure if it will work or not.

My cucumber plant is half dead. I thought I would pick this one cucumber from it so that I would say that I at least ate something from it before it died. Well, it tasted horrible. I am not sure why...maybe it was the wrong kind of cucumber. Oh well, I guess I found out I am not a farmer.

 My tomatoes are in a better shape, but they are taking forever to ripen. I am finally beginning to see some red color in there. I guess they are still worried it may snow or something so they are not turning red. I just hope they taste better than my cucumber...otherwise I may give up on farming all together.

I made mansaf the other day. It was good...It has been a while since I made some because I ran out of lamb meat and I kept forgetting to buy some.
 I am heading to Utah for one day on Saturday. There are two friends of mine from Bethlehem who are going through the temple and getting sealed in the temple and I wanted to be there for that.

It was such a nice surprise to see one of my friends from back home today (Jenni) at church. I walked out of relief society (which I almost never do) to go to teachers' training. And there she was. It was so good to see her.

As for my green card application, the advertisement period is finally over! I don't have to print ads anymore, yay. My poor department head though still has to interview all the applicants and prove that I am more qualified.  I told him that at least now he knows what the process is like and knows to never do this again.  It has been such a long painful process for him especially. The next step will take about 4 months, then we can finally apply for the green card. I hope around January! After we apply, who knows how long it will be. 

My book is in the editing stage still, but it is mostly done. The cover is mostly done too and I am looking forward to seeing what the cover will look like.  

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