Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ibin Batoota

 I am starting to feel like Ibin Batoota (he is someone we always use to refer to someone who travels a lot)...I'm Still traveling. I honestly can't wait to be home although it has been fun to travel and I have seen some amazing places and ate amazing food.

I am going to Utah on Wednesday and will be there until Friday (hopefully). I really hope I can be done on Friday so I can avoid some of the crazy traffic going to Rexburg. The eclipse is going to make Rexburg insane and traffic horrible. I am planning to get home as soon as possible and stay home until the whole thing is over. Will watch the eclipse from my back yard or something. People in town are renting their homes for $10,000 a night. I mean is that crazy or what?? I actually considered it, but then decided I may have to buy new furniture (after they steal it) and fix the damages the renters leave, so it is not worth it.

I was in Seattle for a few days visiting my nephew Rani. We had a lot of Middle-Eastern food, which was amazing. But, I would have to say restaurant food is not as good as home-made food. The best meal was prepared by Vera the last night I was there. Her Tabouleh was amazing and the BBQ meat and chicken were great. She also had an amazing 3 layer strawberry cake for desert. 

Sadly, we could not see nice views from the distances because of the fires they have had in the area. There was still smoke in the air.

We went to Pike Place and had Filipino food and French pastries. We went to the lake and took a jet ski all over the lake. I was scared about driving one, but it was easy. I parked it in the middle of the lake and went swimming. The water was amazingly clean and refreshing! As long as you avoid my nephew who constantly tries to get water all over you, it was a fun ride. It was a really big lake. I didn't think you could drive that far on a jet ski! The below pictures hopefully shows how big the lake is.

Lots of great seafood!

 The gum wall. So much gum stuck on this wall (and this is after it was just cleaned a short while ago). It is kind of disgusting, but kind of cool too...

We went to Susquehanna falls. It was so pretty there. The hike up was too exhausting because it was all up hill, but it was fun.


 Yesterday I arrived in Medford. I am visiting my Israeli friend here and we are giving a talk together tonight about peace in the Holy Land. It should be fun I think.

Isn't it great that friendship can exist between an Israeli and a Palestinian? There is still hope in the world. 

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