Sunday, January 6, 2019

Back to Rexburg

The first post of 2019! I can't believe it is 2019 already! It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating the start of the year 2000!
I am back in cold Rexburg. The weather in Arizona got a lot warmer after I left. I think I brought the cold with me. I mean it hardly ever snows in Arizona, but it did this year!

I gave a fireside last Sunday in Gilbert. I felt some of the youth were especially touched by the fireside for which I am grateful. I got to meet a lot of people which was great.  Amazingly enough many of those I met have been served in one way or another by the Allens. They have touched so many lives. I am so blessed to know such amazing people! The Allens were amazing hosts and did an amazing job organizing the fireside. Sister Allen had an amazing display with olive wood and cookies and treats in the back after the fireside. Sadly I didn't take a picture of it.

Sister Allen was introducing me to everyone in the streets and trying to get everyone to buy my book and come to the fireside. It made me feel famous!

I met a Palestinian man and his family who happened to learn about the fireside through his daughter and Facebook. It was nice to meet him and visit with him and his family.

I finally got to watch the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". And I got to watch it at my friend's theater. I was so shocked that they actually had a movie theater right in their house with leather reclining chairs. And they just kept waiting on us, can I get you a drink, can I get you a blanket? This is the life!
Even their son had a mini movie theater in his room. It was fun.

On New Years eve I went with the Allens to their son's house who was celebrating his 50th birthday. It was fun, but there were too many people! They did so many fireworks. It was cold outside, so I didn't stay outside all the time, but the fireworks lasted for 3 hours! They lit a fire and that made it easier to stand by the fire and watch the fireworks.

Here is a video of some of the fireworks we did...

It was also fun to enjoy the animals and feed the pigs and chicken. You know you have been away from Palestine too long when you actually enjoy seeing animals. It was actually a reminder of home...all the sweet smells (not).

They gave us fresh eggs which had amazing colors. Sadly, I had breakfast with my friend so I did not get to try the fresh 'blue' eggs!

 Our new Moran View ward had the first meeting today. We had a lot of callings and sustainings. I kept my calling in the Young Women for which I am grateful. I do love the Young Woman and enjoy being with them. 

It is great to belong to a church that is so organized. I mean when you can create a whole congregation from nothing, and have people called in such a short time. Then everyone just gets to work and serves so willingly and without pay. 

I am almost ready for the semester to start. Tomorrow, my family back home celebrates Christmas (Greek Orthodox use a different calendar). And yesterday my friend invited me to celebrate New Years with them again. I guess dates don't matter. I wish we could celebrate Christmas every day. But, maybe we can as we make Christ the center of our homes and serve Him every day. Because of Him we have everything....He is the greatest gift that was given to all mankind.
Because of the Savior we can be forgiven of our sins...
Because of Him we can live again...
Because of Him our lives can change...
Because of Him we can learn to love others...
Because of Him we gain an identity as Children of God...

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