Sunday, February 24, 2019


It snowed a lot yesterday. I cleared my driveway even though it kept snowing. I had a few inches and did not want it to get too deep.  I realized that when you clear your neighbor's snow, someone clears yours. I did mine and my neighbor's yesterday. Today someone from church came and did mine. It actually didn't snow much today, but it was windy. And since the snow was fluffy it blew and came back to my driveway.

Those are my birds that are always on my bare tree. I keep telling them to go south, but they sit and patiently wait for spring. I see them eating snow a lot. I tried to feed them, but it didn't go well. The food got buried in the snow before they even discovered it. So, I am letting them figure it out. I am not sure why they are here, but I appreciate the sound of birds. When I close my eyes, it makes me feel like it is spring. 

Ok, so I contemplated going and standing in the snow to show how deep it is. But, I didn't know how to take a selfie and show that. So, I'll settle for this picture below. It shows the depth sort of.

I actually enjoyed watching the snow yesterday. It was so pretty. I remember when I first got to Rexburg I would hate the snow and just stay home.  I was so afraid of driving in it. I am used to it now and don't mind driving in it. I just go super slow.

I am giving a fireside tonight for the youth and on Thursday another fireside for the RS sisters. 

Today I taught the YW lesson on Chastity and purity. I felt impressed to share certain things with the young women that I normally would not have chosen to say myself.  I don't know if my message came out the way I wanted it to...What I wanted to say is that they are of value. And that they need to make sure that people treat them with respect.  I have seen so many women get abused and treated horribly. I want every woman to know that she is a precious daughter of God and that she is loved by Him...That she is loved by the king of infinite space and everlasting time. 

I hope that we each know that our body is a temple and we should keep it clean and pure. Our Savior never casts us out when we sin. He accepts us with open arms. Our sins, though they be red, can be made as white as snow. 

On Monday I went to Idaho falls and visited my friends grandmother. I had lunch with her and she was so happy to see me. The weather was not that cold so I went to the river and walked around. Well, there was no river left. This place that my sister and I used to sit at in the summer and enjoy the waterfalls and the sound of the water, was so quiet. Everything was frozen solid...well there was a small area still unfrozen. But, for the most part it was white.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Why I believe in Christ

Our Sunday School teacher encouraged us to think about how we first gained our testimony of Christ. He also encouraged us to share that with others.

I honestly can't tell you of an individual moment when I gained a testimony of Christ and His mission. I grew up learning about him, but nothing I learned penetrated my heart. My testimony of Him grew the more I followed Him. 

My small testimony started when I first believed that He loved me. It grew as I realized that it was for me that He walked the lonely path to Gethsemane, that He carried my sins, that He allowed nails to be driven in his hands and feet, that He gave up His life willingly on the cross and then He did rise up again and He did all that for me that I, too, may rise one day to be with Him forever. 

My testimony in my Savior grew with every trial of faith. It grew as He carried me the long path to church each week and performed miracles so I can make it to church in Jerusalem. My testimony grew every time my prayers were answered, but it even grew more when my prayers were not answered. It was during those times when I realized that what I thought I wanted, was not even close to the magnificent blessings He had in store for me. 

He promised in the pre-existence that He would be our Savior, that He would save us from physical and spiritual death. That He would descend below all things that He may rise above all things. He fulfilled His promise. He was born as a helpless baby in a stable in Bethlehem. He was the lamb of God who would be sacrificed for the sins of all the human race. 

I testify that He is the light of the world, He is the fountain of living water, He is the good shepherd who leads us to green pastures, He provides us hope when hope is lost, He gives us strength when we can't go on, He gives us shelter through the storms of life, He gives us peace through the battles of daily living, He is my redeemer and my king. 

This hymn summarizes my feelings about my Savior:
Click to listen to the hymn here

Elder Holland said: "...may we declare ourselves to be more fully disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, not in word only and not only in the flush of comfortable times but in deed and in courage and in faith, including when the path is lonely and when our cross is difficult to bear....may we stand by Jesus Christ “at all times and in all things, and in all places that [we] may be in, even until death,” for surely that is how He stood by us when it was unto death and when He had to stand entirely and utterly alone." (Ensign, April 2009)

Sunday, February 10, 2019

He picks us...

It is the end of a long week and I can't believe I am going back to work tomorrow. I can't wait to have a break. Why can't I just run away to the woods and go camping in the Winter? That's what I feel I need right now. Just to run away to a quiet place. My friends say that I must learn skiing and then I can be out in the Winter. But, I choose to be warm in my quiet house! I'm still not at the point where I want to be out in the cold by my own choice.

I don't know why there are birds in this area this time of year. I think if I had wings I would fly south for the winter myself. I honestly often wonder how they survive and how they don't freeze. This morning there were many birds on my bush nibbling on it. I don't know if they are eating the bush or what. At least they were finding something to eat. They are probably also holding on for dear life because there was a lot of wind last night.

I taught institute today and gave a talk yesterday. Both on the topic of the Gathering of Israel.  I have giving many talks in this area, that I often find someone in the audience who has heard me two or three times.  I asked one of them yesterday if it is getting boring for her to hear me 3 times, she said no. I do usually say the same things, but maybe for the sake of not boring people I should share different experiences.

The conference I went to yesterday was pretty amazing (and not just because I spoke at the end..haha). They had amazing speakers and the spirit was there. I think Br. Galbraith had everyone in the audience in tears.

I spoke about how sometimes the Lord hand-picks us. I felt that Heavenly Father reached out and picked me and blessed me so much. I was so depressed and miserable and He provided me a way to find the Gospel and find joy and peace in life. 

When I used to pick olives with my mom, I would often risk falling off the tree to reach one single olive. And I would have so many scratches on my hands and arms after we were done picking olives. The Savior has marks on his hands to show that He has reached out and picked us to give us life. He gives us hope and power and peace. 

I am so grateful to be here and grateful for the wonderful people around me who are amazing examples. My neighbor spend quite a bit of time fixing my couch for me. I am glad I can call on people here for help when I need it.

I would also like to tell everyone that my hip issue is so much better. I really can't believe how much better it is. I can sleep without pain and go on through the day without pain and that is such a blessing. It still bothers me to sit on hard chairs and I am actually doing my best not to sit on hard chairs. I just stand if I don't find any other option. I am grateful for the chiropractor who helped me and for my friend who recommended him.

My numb thigh is, well interesting. I am not sure how to describe the problem there. But my whole thigh is tender and it hurts if I try to touch it. Hurts a lot if I attempt to pinch it. But, the good news is, it does not hurt if I leave it alone. Well, until it shoots pain every once in a while out of nowhere. It's just weird and I can't explain it. I think my thigh has been overcome by aliens. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

The gift of life...

We had a busy week at work because we had many candidates coming to interview on campus. We took them to lunch and dinner, went to interviews and watched teaching demonstrations. It is finally all over and we just have to make a decision and then hopefully things will get back to normal.

Tomorrow it would be 23 years since I got baptized. I love to reflect on that day especially now that our Sunday School lesson is about baptism. Our Sunday school teacher today mentioned that he does not remember much about his baptism day. I, however, remember EVERYTHING. It's not that I have better memory, it is because I was not 8 years old I guess. I remember the details of who spoke and on what. I remember walking into the font and Bryce baptizing me. I remember my bishop laying his hands on my head and giving me the gift of the Holy Ghost. The gift that would strengthen me, lift me, and comfort me for years to come. 

My bishop told me during the blessing that "I will do a great work while on the earth..." Because of all the events in my life and how Heavenly Father stepped in and how he never let me give up, I know that more miracles will come and more blessings will come if I do my part.

I remember how cold it was that night as we walked down to the Joseph Smith building at BYU. I still feel the Spirit every time I go into that building, because my life literally changed that day in that location. I found a new life...Heavenly Father gave me the gift of life twice. Once when I was born and once when I was baptized. I am so grateful for Him and for His loving care. 

I gave a fireside to the single adults last week and also gave one at the Homestead. I enjoyed meeting many people there and visiting with them. Betty who has read my book was so thrilled to be there. She is such a sweet woman.

I never realized how tall I was until I stood by Betty. 
I am looking forward to the other talks I will give especially the one on the gathering of Israel next weekend. I don't feel prepared, but I get to teach institute on the same topic on Thursday and I will get some practice ha ha. 

It has been a blessing in my life to meet so many wonderful people. The more I think about others the more I feel Heavenly Father's love for them.  I know that God is aware of all of us even if we don't get what we want right away, or ever. 

My sister had an accident. She is fine, but I often worry about losing someone in my family that suddenly.  In the past few years I lost many loved ones. It is always hard. My heart aches and longs to be home. Every time someone posts a picture from home I feel my heart suffocating. There is just a special smell, and feel to your homeland. It is unlike any other. I ask for your faith and prayers so I would get my green card soon.
That is her red car and her on the stretcher if you can see that small...

 I hope we all know how precious life is. I hope you are not like me and are doing something better with your life and time. I think I have been watching too much TV lately. I need to be reading and learning and growing.

In my Language teaching methods class, we had teaching demonstrations. I got to learn a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of Germany last week. I also taught them some Arabic. Most of them know Spanish and I am the only one there who has no clue. But, it has been a lot of fun to teach and be taught. Next time, I am going to teach them Turkish :)