Info about the LDS Church معلومات عن كنيستي


  1. Are you confident Joseph Smith is a prophet when the Church's website states that Joseph Smith's translation of a manuscript does not match what the manuscript actually says?


    None of the characters on the papyrus fragments mentioned Abraham’s name or any of the events recorded in the book of Abraham. Mormon and non-Mormon Egyptologists agree that the characters on the fragments do not match the translation given in the book of Abraham, though there is not unanimity, even among non-Mormon scholars, about the proper interpretation of the vignettes on these fragments.

  2. Yes. Joseph Smith is a prophet. The book of Abraham is scripture. But, similar to the bible some things may be unclear or mis-translated. The key thing about the LDS church is revelation. We believe God reveals truth. We do not need to rely on written words alone, God speaks to us, He speaks to His prophets just as He always has. This I know to be true because He has spoken to me. When certain doctrine seemed unclear and I could not find an answer in the scriptures, I asked Him and He revealed it to me.